Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 3 & 4 Stay focused

Week 3
Get into a comfortable position with the suggestion card in hand.
A. Locate your focus spot, take your suggestion card, hold it between the focus
point and your eyes, and read it to yourself 5 times.
B. Drop the card, focus on the spot, take a deep breath, and start counting
backward from 5-1.
C. By the count of 1 if your eyes are not closed, close them. (After numerous
repetitions, your eyes should become so heavy you will want to close them
before the count of 1.)
D. Relax your body quickly from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.
E. Repeat the suggestion on the card over and over again for approximately 1
F. For an additional minute repeat to yourself, "Each time I practice self-hypnosis,
I achieve it faster and go deeper."
G. Count from 1-5, open your eyes relaxed and refreshed or move into a sleep
state. (Total process 4-10 minutes.)
A. Utilize the self- hypnosis and put your suggestions on the silent
space provided in between breathes .
B. Make your own tape using mood music and formulating your own suggestions.
Week 4
A. Get into your comfortable position.
B. Follow steps A, B, C, D, E, F and G from Week 3.
C. Your body and mind should now be conditioned so you will automatically drift
into a pleasant state of hypnosis. (Total process 2-4 minutes)

By now you should have mastered the art of self hypnosis . If any ?'s leave comments and i will answer them asap.

Four week Instructions


Lets began : The program is best when you play soft music absent of lyrics. You can go on Youtube and look up binary beats, preferably theta or delta.

A key factor to remember is to is to get comfortable with the self hypnosis procedure before trying to feed yourself suggestions. You will began to form habits after two or three weeks.

Week One

Get into a relaxed position where you will not be disturbed for approximately 30 minutes.
A. Find an eye fixation point slightly above eye level and focus on it. Take a deep
breath all the way in - hold - exhale slowly while relaxing and counting
backward from 5 - 1. You will be taking 5 deep breaths during this process.
Tell yourself your eyes are getting heavy. Finally, on the count of 1, if not
before, allow your eyes to close; mood music can be utilized to enhance the
experience. (Approximately 3 minutes)
B. Relax yourself from the top of your head, down to the tips of your toes.
(Approximately 4-8 minutes)
C. When you are completely relaxed, mentally repeat the following suggestion:
"Each time I utilize this process, I become more self-confident and more
successful." (Approximately 1 minute)
D. Count from 1-5; open your eyes, feeling relaxed, refreshed and rested. (Total
process 10-25 minutes.) (If done at bedtime, count from 5-1 and end the
process with your eyes closed.)
Week 2

A. Repeat same steps as week one, you should find the amount of time needed to
reach the relaxed state becoming shorter.
B. Between weeks 2 and 3, select an area of improvement you would like to work
C. Formulate a positive suggestion and write it on a 3x5 card.
a. Use as few words as necessary
b. Use positive wording moving "toward what you want to have happen, not
away from the habit you want to change."
c. At this point work on only one area of change at a time. (Total process 6-1 minutes.

Self Hypnosis

Self- hypnosis allows an individual to program her/his subconscious mind with one or
more suggestions that will help bring about a habit change much more easily than if
working with just the conscious mind. When utilizing hypnosis you will not be asleep
but in an altered state of consciousness whereby you will be aware of what is happening around you, but will have your concentration focused on one specific thing.
The idea of being able to focus on one thing become very hard as we become adults, that's why hypnosis is such a helpful tool.

First i must teach you what Theta means. Theta is when your brain is in direct communication with your subconscious mind. Once you are able to claim the mind down you will be able to plant suggestion into your subconscious mind , without your conscious mind interfering .

The next 30 days i will assist you in developing the skills to enter the hypnotic state , feed yourselves suggestions and bring yourself back to awake state. The best time to
practice this technique is just prior to sleep or during another inactive period during the
day. In order for you to master self- hypnosis you should practice the process for 21-30
consecutive days.
If you miss more than 2 days in a row, the entire procedure should be
started over. Lets try to stay on the path and stay focused .